Life Happens And Things Change Quick

I know it’s been awhile since we posted and I have to apologize. We had a serious wind issue outside of Catfish Roundup Oklahoma that led to our beloved breadbox getting totaled. We made it to Vegas and back but it took longer than anticipated due to the damage. Anyway things are finally getting back to normal and I’ll start posting more stories and videos soon In the meantime feel free to check out some of the journey on our instagram

Another Masterbuilt Masterpiece

One of the things we’ve missed in our travels is slow smoked meats due to available space. For Christmas my wife bought me a portable smoker made by Masterbuilt that really surprised me. For those of you who know me you know smoking is one of my favorite methods of slowcooking and most would agree I do a good job but that wasn’t always the case.

Years ago my father and I started trying to smoke meat and fish for dinner in a charcoal smoker with woodchips. Neither of us thought about brine’s or marinating so many of our early attempts weren’t even edible. Luckily that didn’t stop us it just moved smoking to the back burner for several years.

After I met my wife she introduced me to her uncle who, little did I know, was an avid smoker too. The first time he made smoked Pheasant I knew I had to get his secret. When he told me about his brine methods I listened intently and then started developing my own. Check out my info on The Smokehouse Wall tab for tips and recipes.

Anyway, I got further into the art of smoking with wood and the temperature issues that can sometimes create so I decided to try propane.  My first gas smoker was a Masterbuilt big enough for 1 turkey or 2 briskets. With the ease of temperature control I was hooked overnight. While I still smoke with wood, pellets and charcoal I use gas when timing is crucial.

The portable model is no exception either. I smoked a pork butt in the above video for roughly 3 hours then finished it in the Instant Pot in 1 hour. The results were spot on for this recipe I’ll post on the wall later.

Check out the product reviews page for more info on the portable smoker as well as links to purchase one yourself.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Hey All,

I was up early this morning and checked out one of our affiliates sites Urban Walls and came across a few inspirational Decals. The one that really caught my eye made me think about our adventures not only this year but our entire lives.

I started thinking back to our very first roadtrip as a couple. We started in Florida in a beat up old Dodge van and headed up to New Jersey where we wound up staying almost a year. From there we returned to Florida and started the next leg of our journey. We took kind of a “Deadhead” concept and tried working our way to Louisiana then Lake Eufaula with lots of mini adventures in between.

By the time we got to Atlanta Jo thought she might be pregnant again so we decided to settle in around Stone Mountain park. We lived in a tent there for awhile until we could get into a place of our own in Little Five Points which we’ll talk about later as well. Over the years we took many memorable trips together and separately too. At any rate we settled into careers until finally we lost it all in the market crash when plumbing jobs were very scarce and were forced to build a business from nothing.

Blue shop now 2

Flash forward to last year when we moved into a used class A and started working on the road. We knew we would have to take our time with an older rig and after a few short trips we even started wandering a bit to get easier roads. Sometimes it gets us the best scenery off the beaten path then theres those times like our trip through Ohio where the road is barely wide enough for our rig. We’ve got lots of great tales to tell from all our travels that over the years we’ve overlooked thinking we were lost. It turns out wandering the way we did lead us to this point in our lives exactly where we wanted to be!!


Good Sam Travel Assist