Hope Everyone Had A Merry Christmas

Christmas is a time of fellowship with family and friends we look forward to every year. One of our biggest Christmas traditions has been something in the smoker for years and this year we actually had a whole venison hind quarter to smoke for the family. With an apple brine and apple slices stuffed inside the foil tent it turned out awesome. Sharing time with our family is the best to be sure but we also know there are those less fortunate than us out there.

So many children age out of foster care every year that have nowhere to go for the holidays let alone someplace to live while getting on their feet. As you know my wife and I are working on adopting a child ourselves but we are wanting to make a bigger difference than just our own family. We are working on a few fundraisers to create transitional housing for those kids that are aging out and give them a head start if not a forever family environment. Once we get things set up we will let you know where to donate and volunteer to mentor some of these young people.

That being said we will be donating the proceeds from every sale through any of our affiliate links til Feb 1st to get the funding started. Help us make a difference today and have a happy holiday.

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