Coleman Roadtrip X-Cursion Campground Cooking

Hey Happy Campers!!
Have I got some pretty cool news for you today. A month or so ago we picked up a Coleman X-Cursion portable propane grill and it’s my new goto grill. From the factory it comes with 2 standard grill plates with a solid center and openings around the outside edge limiting direct flame. The design seems to work well at eliminating hotspots and cooks pretty evenly. If you flip the plates over you have a decent griddle surface but not enough for breakfast. Luckily Coleman makes a griddle plate that fits pretty good and makes unbelievable eggs, bacon and even some really bangin tuna steaks.

The X-cursion was pretty easy to assemble out of the box with a few simple instructions which was a big plus. The easy fold down design makes it easy to store in the underside compartments of an RV, the back of a truck or even the garage corner.

On average I get 3.5 meals from the portable propane tanks it uses and cleaning has been fairly simple too. All in all I give this grill 5 stars overall!!

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

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