Expert Grill Tabletop Propane Grill

As many of you know I really enjoy smoking and grilling in the outdoors. We were trying to decide dinner one night and we both had a craving for steak. I had good results smoking with the Aussie Walkabout in Jersey so we headed to Wal-mart to get a portable grill for the RV. After careful consideration we settled on the Expert Grill you see above so we picked out our steaks and headed back to the RV to make dinner.

When we got there I started unpacking the grill and realized there was a lot to assemble. The instructions say it takes about 30 minutes and thats about right. Everything fit the way it was supposed to and before long I had the grill heating up for 2 rib eyes with grilled Asparagus and Portabello mushrooms.

My first experience with the Expert Grill was impressive. The side trays gave me space for a light and all my utensils. The grill surface was more than adequate for 2 nice size steaks and the 2nd rack fit a full bunch of Asparagus. The temperature gauge did read a bit high in my opinion but it is a pretty small space to heat.

The burner setup on bottle gas does a great job of giving you “hotspots” for searing and even temps towards the back for slower cooking too. All in all for a portable grill I give the expert grill 4 out of 5 stars. After 5 different dinners I have nothing negative to say other than the heat shield collects grease a bit too fast with hamburgers.

I’ll be posting recipes to the following dinners soon:

Lemon Pepper Trout

Peach Smoked Barbecue Chicken

Hickory Burgers

Boondock Filets

If you’re tight on space but want to be able to grill out for 4-6 people easily and affordably I highly recommend the expert grill and you can buy it HERE