Black Holes And Burnt Poles

Easter eve we were making preparations to relocate the next day so Jo came and picked me up to save from moving 2 cars. When we got back I was planning on dumping and cleaning the black water tank before we rolled out Easter morning.  As soon as we pulled up my neighbor came over and told me we had a power problem.

Apparently the plug connection to our booster box had caught fire and melted. We’re not 100% sure our box is still going to work but I’ll get it checked out soon and see if we can replace the plug. It looks like the outlet melted all the way to the ground wire so I hope the park gets it fixed properly. That could have been really bad for our dogs and we’ve ordered save our pet stickers for the RV now.

From there our evening was even more eventful as soon as I drained the waste tank. Once it stopped flowing I closed the valves and refilled the tank with water and a little cleaner. Once it was full I opened the valve and nothing came out confirming what I had feared since we bought the RV. Our black tank was full of sludge from previous owners. Luckily having been a plumber I figured out howto backflush the line using the gray water system. Over and over I filled then flushed to get as much of the solids out as possible. Roughly 3 hours later (about the time dinner was done) I finally achieved a consistent flow of clear water.

That night I filled the tank 1/2 way up and let it sit til morning. After we showered and were ready to roll everything up I dumped the tank again. Everything flowed smoothly but I’m sure I’ll have to do it a few more times even with enzyme treatments. Here is what I chose based on my years of plumbing and septic system maintenance:

I prefer liquida solely because they contain live bacteria versus the packets that have to grow first but here are a few other alternatives:

After all that I posted in one of my Facebook groups about the adventure we had and got several more great tips on how to clean the tank and clear obstructions. When you need to backflush the system and all you have is whats on the rig all you have to do is close the main valve and open the black and gray together. Shut off the toilet water and fill your sinks/showers til the toilet starts gurgling then dump the tanks at the same time. You can check out all the other tips in this thread on facebook

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